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 San Diego's oldest ski club - (1935)

* A dynamic family oriented club

* A ski club for avid skiers & snowboarders

* Active recreational racing team

* Winner of San Diego Alpine League championship trophies year after year

* Our own Mammoth Chalet is right in town and minutes from the slopes

* Free shuttle service to and from the mountain during ski season The shuttle stops on Main Street (Hwy 203) right out in front of the chalet.

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After 2 week Snowstorm - Jan 2017

Who is taking the task to shovel off the roof? ;-)

Membership Includes
* Unlimited Use of the Club Chalet (Reservations Required)

* Club Newsletter (Current and Archives available online to members)

* Club Gatherings, Adult Socials, Family Activities, Club Trips at Deep Discounts

* Assistance in Coordinating Rides for Weekends in Mammoth

 * Recreational Race Program for Skiers of All Levels and Abilities. For RACING info  call 619-920-5367 or

* Access to FWSA and SDCSC trips and other benefits

 * Summer Activities * Club Directory for All Members

Membership Appreciation BBQ - October 2017

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Mountain people are good people and there are still Good Samaritans along HWY 395
By Jim Payne and Matt Hansen
Matt Hansen and I car pooled together from my home in Encinitas to the SDSC Chalet last Tuesday, December 12th, for the three-day ROKKA Race Clinic.  As is my usual custom, we stopped at the Subway Sandwich shop at Kramer Junction for something to eat and a brief rest stop along the way.  Matt checked his email, and after that we were quickly back on the highway hoping to get into Mammoth and the Footloose Ski Shop by 3:30 p.m.  As we approached Lone Pine, I asked Matt if he could recognize Mount Whitney from the highway.  He said he could, and that he had actually climbed it a few years ago.  I told him that I too had hiked to the summit once with my Dad in 1965, the summer I graduated from Anaheim high school, and again 31 years later with my son, Clayton, the summer after he graduated from San Dieguito HS in Encinitas.  Matt and I exchanged hiking stories, and I pulled into the Mount Whitney Visitor's Center so we could both check out the striking silhouette and match it to the outside display.

Lone Pine-Whitney Portal Road.jpg 

About that time, Matt realized he couldn't find his phone, so he looked under the seat, took his ski jacket out to check the pockets, and then placed it on the roof of my Honda CRV for the time being while we checked out the display.  Upon returning to my car, he looked in the hidden drawer under the passenger seat, and sure enough there was his phone.  Happy to have found his I-phone, we then started back up 395 towards Mammoth.    When we were about to stop for gas between Independence and Bishop, he realized that he may have left his jacket on the roof.  Sure enough, the jacket had evidently blown off the car and was nowhere to be found.  He tried to call the Whitney Visitors Center, but no one answered...

I felt terrible because I was the one who suggested stopping to check out the Visitor's Center display, but Matt assured me that I was in no way responsible.  Nevertheless, we were both pretty bummed, and it meant that he had to fork over some serious cash for a new ski jacket when we got to Footloose in Mammoth.  All the other SDSC members at the Chalet were extremely sympathetic, but we all figured the jacket was lost for good.  To make matters worse, Matt realized upon unpacking his stuff, that his jacket also contained his car keys and the keys to his condo in Del Mar.

About 3:00 p.m. the next afternoon before starting the last run of our ROKKA lesson, Matt got a call on his moble phone near the top of Broadway.  It was a kind lady named Tricia who worked for Cal Trans.  She explained that one of her Cal Trans co-workers named Trevor had found his jacket and all its contents and turned it in.  Using an expired Vail Ski Pass from last year that was still in the jacket, she called Colorado, and after some negotiating she convinced them to at least give her Matt's phone number (for security reasons they wouldn't reveal his name).  She called him on the slopes and when he described the contents to prove it was indeed his jacket, she offered to have her boyfriend, John, bring Matt's jacket up to Mammoth the next day!!!  John is the facilities manager at the Village Lodge up there and had to be at work by 7:00 a.m.   Needless to say, both Matt and I were thrilled.  He got his jacket and all its contents back, and I no longer felt partly responsible for its loss in the first place.


There are indeed still some Good Samaritans in this world today, and they live along Highway 395!!  The attached photo shows John and Matt at the Village Lodge when we stopped in to retrieve his jacket on our way to the slopes on Thursday morning.

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